Wally's Health and Fitness Book Project

Wally is co-authoring a health and fitness book with a leading California physcian, Dr Patrick Rhoades.  The book is geared toward the baby boomer generation, and will have tailored programs to help combat the diabetes epidemic and obesity in that age group.  Wally is also working on ideas for anti aging programs and hopes that his book will excite and inspire people to overcome major health problems, in addition we will be addressing juvenile and adolescent diabetes and obesity. Actually, health and fitness for all age groups will be addressed in the book. Wally's forth coming book "It's Not Too Late To Feel Great!", below is Wally's nutrition and excercise plans.

Wally's Diet and Excercise Plan

Wally’s Nutrition Plan:

Meal #1                          Meal #2                            Meal #3
BetaGen HP                  Blackened Salmon          Myoplex nutrition bar

Meal #4                           Meal #5                            Meal #6
Nutrition nutrition bar     Barbequed Chicken        BetaGen HP
                                        and Salad  or
                                        Large Salad with tomatoe, onion avocado, and
                                        fresh shrimp or crab

A comprehensive diet plan will be in the book, It's Not Too Late to feel Great.

Wally’s Excercise / Workout Plan:

Wally works out Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Leg extensions: Six sets of 12 reps
Standing calve raises: Three sets of 30 reps
Lying hamstring curls: Three sets of 12 reps

Upper body:
Bicep curls: Three sets of 12 reps
Lying triceps extensions: Three sets or 12 reps
Lat rows: Three sets of 12 reps
Pec flyes: Three sets of 12 reps
Bench presses: Three sets of 12 reps
Seated behind-the-neck deltoid presses: Three sets of 12 reps
Front and side straight-arm cable raises (deltoids): Three sets of 20 reps

400 crunches on ab machine

Monday – Saturday
Three miles of brisk walking six days a week before breakfast. Or he follows a Tai Bo video indoors.


Included in the book will be tailored exercise programs for those who choose to use free weights or no weights.  We will have graphics depicting the proper form in all excercises, graphics provided by Bill Pearl.

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