Wally went from fit to fat and back to fit.

Wally Emery PhotoWho is Wally Emery?

Wally is truly a success story of health and fitness!

Wally as a young man is a former Mr. Muscle Beach, a one-time runner-up in both Mr. Universe and Mr. Europe competitions. Wally also is a Black Belt holder in both Tae Kwan Do and the Korean form of karate, Tang Soo Do. As a young man Wally was very fit and healthy.

Wally like many older adults, his lifestyle moved a way from fitness as personal obligations grew. In 2001 after years of slowly accreting sedentariness, Wally had a heart attack. After performing quintuple bypass surgery, his doctor recommended that he get back into shape - fast. Wally worked out on a Bowflex machine, entering two 12-week bodybuilding, Body-for-Life, contests sponsored by EAS. Wally dropped his body fat from 21.5 percent to 10.6 percent, and lost 18 pounds. He had more self esteem, more energy and more enthusiasm. The Body-for-Life judges had chosen him as the Inspirational Grand Champion EAS awarded him the title of Body-for-Life, Inspirational Grand Champion of 2002. Wally's diet and exercise plan can be found on his website at Projects page under Diet and Exercise.

Wally would like for his story to inspire others to believe that they can reclaim their lives, physically and emotionally at any age.

"He is also living proof that it's never too late to be blown away by your own accomplishments. While many people fear that their glory days are behind them, Wally's most recent victory shows that the best in life may always be yet to come."

"I think my story could help a lot of people. Maybe I can inspire others to make changes in their lives for the better."

Wally is co-authoring a health and fitness book with California physician Dr. Patrick Rhoades. The book is geared toward the baby boomer generation, and will have tailored programs to help combat the diabetes epidemic and obesity in that age group. Wally is also working on ideas for anti aging programs and hopes that his book will excite and inspire people of all ages to overcome major health problems. Excerpts from the book can be found on my website at "It's Not Too Late To Feel Great".

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*Picture from Muscle Media March/April 2004

Read Wally's article in the September 2004 issue of 'The Core'